Times I felt so lonely, times I felt so bad

forgettig things I realised, only thinking of what I had

Time went by, the sun came through, saw you standing there

but I’m too scared to let you know, how much I really care

Don’t want to make the same mistake, being too blind too long

but I cant get you off my mind, this feeling cant be wrong

Oh baby when I look at you, your eyes, your hair, your all

a big boy’s what my mommy said, but never felt so small

Just want to be the driver, planning where to go

But now I m in the back seat, must let it by the flow

Just got to be the driver, don’t want to lose control

Not only lost my steering wheel, but also lost my soul

I told you all my pretty dreams, but you’re not free to go

you’ve got it all, includes the dog, not even close, oh no

Now I’m waiting for a sign, that gets me to your heart

And I can tell you this my love, we’ll never be apart

In my dreams I see ourselves, walking in the sun

talking ‘bout the moments, where our love begun

I’m never gonna leave you, I’m telling from the heart

And I thank God above me, for giving me this start

Please let me be the driver, I know a place to go

don’t want to waist our precious time, so I will drive real slow

And when I am the driver, I’ll take you all the way   

No doubts or silly questions, my love I’m here to stay.